witzend was a cutting edge publication during the gestating period when adult interest in the comics form led to the now popular graphic novel genre. 
Head of the pack in the 1960's, holding our own in the 1070's, still hanging in there during the 1980's, living on memories in the 1990's...and now it's a new century.
Well, the world has forged ahead, but I won't retire the title until I drop myself, and it's still fun to contribute art and story for the amusement of the public.
Believe it or not, I still have a few projects perking along, and the most recent are available right now.  They're BOLD!  They're SEXY!  They're laugh-out-loud FUNNY!
All it takes is money, and everyone should have a bit of that stashed somewhere around the place.  Ask Uncle Bob or Aunt Minnie.  Smash that piggy bank. 
Welcome to my website, and don't be a stranger.   Bill Pearson
The magazine is out of print, but the magic will never die.
Bill Pearson
P.O. Box 1013
Mayer, AZ  86333
phone: 932-632-4163
I sell comics, too.  The old Ten Cent comics.  Watch this site for a fresh list